Certificate Courses
Certificate Courses

Welcome to one-of-a-kind, professional gems and jewellery courses from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery. Recognized for providing the highest quality gem & jewellery education and training, IIGJ offers a variety of courses to suit individual goals.

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Duration of course: 12 Hrs.- 540 Hrs.

JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSES Basic Certificate Course – 180 Hrs This course provides knowledge about the origin and different segments of jewellery. It teaches the fundamentals of design, helps to understand the sources of inspiration while designing, along with special shading techniques used in jewellery design. 10+2
Advanced Certificate Course (Level 1) – 150 Hrs This course develops an understanding of professional approaches and contexts of jewellery design and gives in depth understanding of the history and vintage eras of jewellery.It teaches how to create different views/sides of any design and learn 3D representations of a ring or a bangle from various angles. 10+2
Advanced Certificate Course (Level 2) – 210 Hrs This course develops the necessary skills to conceptualize jewellery according to the different international markets & the domestic market. It also gives knowledge on the importance of merchandising and creating collections based on research and themes. 10+2
MANUFACTURING COURSE Certificate in Jewellery Manufacturing Techniques – 540 hrs This course develops in-depth understanding and provides complete knowledge of all the various jewellery manufacturing processes. 10+2
INDUSTRY-RELEVANT BASIC COURSES Gem Identification & Grading – 150 Hrs This course develops an understanding of gems and 4 Cs of diamonds; identification and grading skills for colour stones with valuation criteria, and diamonds; knowledge of certification and costing of colour stones and diamonds; practical ability to grade and trade in diamonds. 10+2
CAD – Matrix – 150 Hrs This course gives thorough knoweldge on the use of Matrix advanced 3D CAD software for jewellery product designing with high precision and exact measurements. 10+2
Basics of  Jewellery Manufacturing –  150 Hrs This course teaches the fundamentals of various jewellery manufacturing processes. Handcrafting techniques for manufacturing various types of ornaments, along with metal calculations, planning and loss control are taught in detail. 10+2
Diamond Grading – 150 Hrs This course covers Indian & International Diamond Grading Systems of small-sized diamonds along with certification and valuations. 10+2
Gold Appraisal – 12 Hrs This course teaches the latest techniques of gold appraisal, with equal emphasis on theory and practicals. It gives an overview of jewellery manufacturing, knowledge of tools, techniques and calculations, as well as testing gold karatage and creating gold-testing solutions. 10+2 and 2 Years of Industry Experience
DEVELOPMENT COURSES CAD – Rhino – 240 Hrs This course provides thorough knowledge on all aspects of creating 3D models of jewellery using the Rhinoceros software. 10 and 1 Year industry experience
Jewellery Casting Techniques – 150 Hrs This course teaches, in detail, different techniques of the casting process used in jewellery manufacturing units.
Jewellery Merchandising – 150 Hrs This course provides knowledge on how to work on new products as per specific market requirements. It teaches how to calculate product cost and prepare budgets. Knowledge is imparted regarding a merchandiser’s role in jewellery retail stores and designing creative and appealing window displays.


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''Indian Institute of Gems & Lewellery (Delhi) is one of the premier institutes for jewellery design.

The institute has best of teachers who give you full freedom of creativity & design.

I started my journey with them 5 yrs ago and eventually I curated my own jewellery brand by the name of Ra Abta by Rahul.

If you looking to start your career in jewellry design than head straight here they offer the best courses for gemmology & jewellry design/ technology.''

Rahul Luthra
Student, IIGJ Delhi

''IIGJ Delhi gave me not just the skills to be successful in my dream vocation, but also to break the myth that "one needs to be from a jewellery background to become a successful jeweller in India". The practical knowledge of jewellery manufacturing taught at IIGJ is by far the best from any other institutes in India. The Designing & Manufacturing course teamed up together gets a student ready to take the plunge into the jewellery industry.''

Cherry Sahni
Student, IIGJ Delhi

''IIGJ is a premier design institute and the best part of pursuing a course here lies in how well-trained and friendly the faculties are. Students from all walks of life come here to study Jewellery Design and Manufacturing and this makes the learning experience even more enriching.

My experience with IIGJ has been phenomenal and informative .IIGJ gave me a platform to turn my passion into something that I love and enjoy doing, into a career.

Getting the right Jewellery Manufacturing/design education has encouraged me to start up my own manufacturing company by the name Etches Jewellery and the practical knowledge that I gained during my learning helps me at every stage of my business.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to start a newcareer in Jewellery or looking for an additional learning to an existing Jewellery career to pursue their course from IIGJ.''

Arunpreet Kaur Nagi
Student, IIGJ Delhi

''I enrolled at IIGJ to get a basic know-how of jewellery designing but by the end of the course, I acquired an advanced understanding - starting from scratch to the end of the product. Today, I am thoroughly equipped with knowledge and skill-sets to make for a great start in the industry.''

Disha Jain
Student, IIGJ Jaipur

''IIGJ Jaipur is not only an institute but a platform, which helped me from holding a pencil to design to the actual manufacturing of jewellery. IIGJ Jaipur gave a whole lot of practical knowledge with the support of great teachers. It is one of the leading institutes with all facilities for jewellery designing and manufacturing.''

Shivam Deshmukh
Student, IIGJ Jaipur

''“An essential aspect of a creative designer is not being afraid to fail” and this is exactly what is taught at IIGJ. Studying here was an exuberant experience as it gave an ideal combination of both practical and theoretical skills, thus setting the right ground for a successful career. Now I can say: ‘Design is not just about how it looks but how it works’.''

Ankita Tulsiani
Student, IIGJ Jaipur

''IIGJ Mumbai is a treasure for abundance practical knowledge & in enhancing ones creativity. During these 3 years, It's always been to learn & explore something interesting every single day. The faculty creates such a creative vibe, that it ensures you come up with good result. It also conducts Industrial Visits, where you can directly interact with Industry Professionals & also gives you an opportunity to work with reputed companies. So If your aim is to be a Gem, then IIGJ is a perfect Guide to your Success.''

Student, IIGJ Mumbai

''This is the best place to learn everything about Jewellery. They teach you the from the basic of jewellery and turn you to the professional jewellery maker so that you are ready to enter the industry. The faculty are also very supportive and patient to teach you the same thing till you don’t learn They also have 3years B.A Degree course in jewellery. And also provide internship in a well know firm and also help you with your placements for permanent job.''

Jheel Kapadia
Student, IIGJ Mumbai

''It was an incredible experience, I learned the various aspect of Jewellery right from Jewellery Designing, CAD, Diamond Grading, Gemmology and many more. This helped me a lot to learn Jewellery Design in Absolute Detail and start my own business I must say IIGJ Mumbai is fantastic platform for those who would like to enter the Jewellery industry or start their own business. I would like to extend my gratitude to all faculty member for immense support and guidance.''

Chirag Soni
Student, IIGJ Mumbai

''It was a great experience studying at IIGJ Varanasi, a memory to cherish for lifetime. My experience at IIGJ was full of learning and grooming. I am thankful to all the faculties, mentors and entire department for providing us with quality education. I am also thankful to IIGJ to provide me help to setup new manufacturing unit.''

Rishik Agrawal
Student, IIGJ Varanasi

''I always wanted to learn about jewellery-making, the whole procedure of learning and making. I now have a better understanding on the techniques/materials . Now I have better knowledge of Jewellery manufacturing process and I can utilize this knowledge to expand my business.''

Mukesh Patel
Student, IIGJ Varanasi

''IIGJ Varanasi is one of the best Institute in UP for providing Jewellery manufacturing training . I really enjoyed 1 year of my training in Diploma course. I learned a lot and now I am able to increase my efficiency in manufacturing.''

Amrish Srivastav
Student, IIGJ Varanasi
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