What are the different courses offered at IIGJ?

IIGJ offers Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, short duration professional programmes in design, computer aided design (CAD), manufacturing, gemmology & gemstone cutting, etc. as well as industry professional courses and training. 

Are the courses recognized by or affiliated to any university?

Degree programme offered by IIGJ Jaipur is affiliated with Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU). IIGJ Mumbai's B.A. programme is affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). Certificates for all other programmes are awarded by IIGJ. 

What is the minimum eligibility criterion for the admissions at IIGJ?

For Degree and professional programmes the eligibility is Class 12 passed. For Post Graduate diploma programmes the eligibility is a Bachelors' degree. 

What are the documents required to register for a programme?

1. Class 12th passed certificate (Self-attested) for Degree and Short Term programmes and Bachelors' Degree (Self-attested) for Post Graduate progammes
2. Aadhaar Card photocopy (Self-attested) 
3. Passport size photos (2) - not taken earlier than 3 months

How are fee payments done?

1. Online payment 
2. Cheque payment 
3. Bank transfer N.B. Cash payment is not acceptable.

What are the extra-curricular activities at IIGJ?

1.Industry visits and workshops 
2.Study tours - in India & abroad  
3.Participation in jewellery trade shows 
4.College festivals, competitions and student activities, including sports day

What are the timings and days for classes?

9AM to 4PM, from Monday to Friday

What is the rule for attendance?

All students must have a minimum of 80% attendance.

What kind of infrastructure do the institutes have?

Air-conditioned design studios, CAD and gemmology laboratories, manufacturing workshop, library, wi-fi availability, licensed software, other classrooms and student activity areas. 

Do the students get internship opportunities during their studies?

Degree and PG Diploma programme students are required to intern with jewellery companies as part of the curriculum. 

Do the students get placement opportunities after they graduate?

Degree and PG Diploma programme students are provided with campus placement opportunities if required by them. Additionally, alumni are informed of new opportunities in various jewellery companies as and when these companies inform the Institutes of their requirements. Many short-term course students also keep in touch with the Institutes to get information for such new job opportunities. The careers section of the website will also have updated job listings. 

What are the career opportunities for students educated at IIGJ?

Because of the huge requirement for trained jewellery professionals in all sizes of jewellery companies in major diamond and other jewellery centres of India, the opportunites available for bright careers for gem & jewellery graduates in every field of jewellery are numerous and diverse. Among the different creative fields, jewellery has evolved as an excellent space for lucrative and fulfilling careers for creative and dynamic youth all over India.