Corporate Training

Corporate Training

IIGJ offers outcome-focused training programmes for the gem & jewellery industry that are relevant to business needs, for improved performance/productivity of the organisation.

These programmes, such as Retail Sales Associate & Gold Appraisal Training, are essentially outlined to offer a diverse spectrum of training solutions to gem & jewellery businesses through existing sets of readily available as well as customised programmes.

Based on IIGJ’s dialogues with gem & jewellery businesses of different strengths and sizes, there has emerged a compelling and ever-growing requirement for trained jewellery professionals in various departments.

Three types of Corporate Training are available:

  • Off-the Shelf (Retail Sales Associate and Gold Appraisal)
  • Customised (As per customer’s specific requirements) 
  • Hire-Train-Depute

The “Hire-Train-Depute” Model provides a winning proposition to gem and jewellery businesses to meet their growing need for trained manpower and help achieve their business goals. The model works as explained below: 

Hire – The jewellery company hires potential resources as per its recruitment policy. 

Train – New hires will be trained by IIGJ as per company requirement utilising customised programmes on subjects such as: 

  • Technical Skills
  • Selling Skills 
  • Soft Skills and Work Ethics, to name a few.

Depute – Trained personnel are deputed back to the company in various departments to perform their designated duties. 

Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery invites gem and jewellery businesses to explore possibilities of collaboration in training their new hires and gaining an extra edge.

Off-the-Shelf Training Programmes

Retail Sales Associate

This 150-hour programme empowers the sales team in a jewellery company with required selling skills and product knowledge to strengthen customer management skills leading to improved sales performance.

The curriculum includes training in:

  • Welcoming, managing and engaging the customer.
  • Explaining about jewellery product offerings to customers.
  • Facilitating customer decision, managing product stock.
  • Respecting and maintaining company’s IPR.
  • Coordinating with other departments and maintaining a safe & clean environment in the store.

The skill focus for this programme is communications (verbal and non-verbal), technical (such as, basic knowledge of diamond grading), organizing (such as, inventory management), decision making (such as, when to involve intervention by supervisors), teamwork, and more. 

Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery recently conducted Retail Sales Associate training programmes for clients such as Orra and Tanishq.

Gold Appraisal Training

This is a 2-day programme for corporates, such as banks, or groups of small business owners that covers modern techniques of appraising the value of gold jewellery for loans. Training sessions can be conducted in any location in India or at the Institute.

The curriculum covers

  • Overview of diferent types of gold jewellery
  • Understanding of jewellery suitability for loans
  • Overview of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques
  • Mathematical calculations for precious metals and gems and formulae
  • Practical training

In F/Y 2021-22 alone, IIGJ trained more than 400 personnel of DCB and other banks as well as small business owners, in diverse locations all over India.

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