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Which type of necklace do you own? Know your necklace type

10 May 2021

If someone asked which type of necklaces you own, you might not be able to identify more than a type or two. Most of us own beautiful necklaces, either heirloom pieces or modern but without appreciating their unique type. It is time to know your neckpiece and differentiate between types of necklaces.

A necklace is an article of jewelry worn around the neck. Made out of precious metals and stones, it serves fashion, ceremonial, and religious purposes. It is categorized based on the length, design, and clasp types.

Here are the most common types of necklaces owned by fashionable women.

1. Collar Necklace

In contemporary fine jewelry, a collar necklace is a 12-14 inch necklace that lies flat directly on the collar bone rather than hanging freely. A collar necklace in gold or platinum, with a bold style, can draw attention to the diamonds and you! A Collar necklace works with v-necks, crewnecks, and collared shirts. Toss it over an all-black ensemble, a printed top, or wear it with a lace dress. Hardly matters!

2. Choker

Today chokers are trending. A Choker is a necklace worn closely around the neck near to the throat. Whether in fabric, precious metals, pearls, or studded with gemstones, they wrap around the throat, drawing attention to the neck. Wear a simple one-tone choker with a low-cut neckline, or then layer it with several necklaces. The Indian bridal choker necklace is a must have for the modern-day bride.

3. Festoon Necklace

A vintage-style festoon necklace takes a cue from its name to look like a garland with ribbons, flowers, and leaves and with drapes of chains. This 14.5-inch neckpiece became a rage during the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. Today, a festoon necklace creates a fashionable Parisienne effect. The festoon necklace goes well with off-the-shoulder dresses. Since it has a primary layer attached to your neck and drapes spread over the rest of the collar bone, keep the rest of the style simple.

4. Princess Necklace

A Princess necklace which is between 16-18 inches, is defined by its length. The princess necklace style is longer than a choker but shorter than a matinee necklace and rests right below the collar bone. Diamond princess necklaces have fanciful shapes that come down to a central drop. The formal princess necklace is good on sarees to strapless necklines. As it hangs gracefully around the neck, down to your collar bone, it is stylized in fine jewelry.

5. Rope Necklace

A rope necklace consists of several smaller links permanently twisted in the appearance of a rope and is about 36 inches in length. It is longer than opera length (32”) and shorter than a lariat (30-50”). A rope necklace also can include braided necklaces and can be made with a number of different materials including chain link and pearls. The Hip Hop community popularized the twisted and braided rope chain. Today, it has become a global fashion statement.

6. Lariat Necklace:

A lariat necklace is a long chain or string of pearls/beads between 30 to 50 inches in length with opened ends and no clasp. Instead, each end is decorative. The shorter lariat, also called Y-necklace, is looped while the longer is crossed over like a scarf. The long strands that hang vertically down the front of your body give it a different look from traditional necklaces. A Lariat necklace is best for more informal occasions. Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde, and Cameron Diaz have been wearing their lariats to make a fashion statement.

7. Negligee Necklace

Another Edwardian style without clasps, this necklace has less flexibility and ends in the front with an asymmetrical length of its drops. It is a necklace with parallel links hanging in different lengths and connected to a central pendant. This 19-century formal style necklace continues to hold a place in classic pieces of jewelry. Flaunt it if it is an heirloom design. Wear it to a party with a sweetheart or straight across neckline, or even a plain saree. 

8. Lavalier Necklace

Another vintage style necklace (14-18”) was introduced in 1600 by Louise de La Valliere, the mistress of Louis XIV. It is a classic ornate necklace made in gold with diamonds and colored gems and with a chandelier-type focal piece at the center. The precious stones are extended right through the chain and even in the center pendant portion. Wear it with an evening gown or ghagra. The Lavalier necklace goes well with all types of dresses-formal to casual. The chain of the necklace is on your neck and the centerpiece below the collar bone.

9. Rivière Necklace

If you own the solitaire necklace, you probably own a Riviere necklace. This necklace has precious stones of one kind, in similar dimensions, or graduating from one size to another. The graduating version is also called the Graduated Necklace. It is a simple line of stones set closely together. It is so versatile that you can wear it daily or for occasions. Wear it with a salwar khameez or jeans and a t- shirt. It reflects the understated style of the wearer.

10. Charm Necklace

A charm necklace is a 24 inches chain with multiple charms, trinkets, or ornaments attached to it. You can either buy a ready charm necklace or build your own charm necklace. A personalized charm necklace is currently trending and available in gold and silver. Wear a charm necklace to any informal meet, but not to the boardroom. Charm necklaces give a vibe of fun and tell your story, so keep the outfit as simple as possible.

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