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The Curated ear - Single earrings or mismatch earrings?

09 Mar 2021

The right pair of earrings can draw attention to a beautiful face and add pizazz to a simple outfit. Earrings have been an ancient jewelry accessory and among the first pieces of adornment for the human body. They evolved from tortoiseshell to diamond-studded and pendant shaped to hoops. But then came the 1970s, and earrings became a rage. Women had anywhere from one set of piercings to multiple set of piercings up the ear.
Earrings for men became more acceptable too. Bikers and pirates began to wear a single earring called one percenters - as they belonged to the 1% of society. Later, gay men started to wear the earring to be a part of the secret code to spot one another.

Different types of earrings
Here are the different types of earrings based on the shape, structure, and how they sit on the ear lobes. They are: -

1. Stud Earrings
Stud earrings or studs are small single-stone earrings placed on the ear lobe. They do not extend beyond the earlobe, nor do they drop downward, loop backward, or climb upward. They are typically formal office wear earrings. Single stud solitaire diamond earrings have grown in popularity and size and have become a jewelry staple for the affluent woman on the go.

2. Cluster Earrings
They are an extension of stud earrings. Here, in place of the single stone, there are several smaller stones that form a cluster.

3. Jacket earrings
When the stud comes with an extra and often detachable component that hangs down behind the earlobe, it creates a fun effect. The jacket that wraps around a stud lends not just sparkle to the simple stud but converts it into bold ear jewelry.

4. Hoops
Hoop earrings are loops that go all the way from the front of the earlobe to the back. While traditionally started as round, they are found in varying shapes and sizes today. They also come in metal or diamond-studded. Hoop earrings were the signature look of the 1960s.

5. Huggie Earrings
Huggie earrings are shorter and stouter hoops that hug the earlobe, wrapping snuggly around it. Huggie hoop earrings are the favorite earring style of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

6. Drop earrings
Drop earrings typically hang down below the earlobe. They are a much-elongated version of a stud earring. Most drop earrings have less flexibility and movement. Diamond drop earrings in India, are most sought after to dress the traditional sari.

7. Danglers
Danglers or dangle earrings are exactly what the name suggests. They are dangling earrings attached to the earlobe, but the design allows for length and more movement than a standard drop earring.

8. Chandeliers
Chandelier earrings originated from the Middle East, India, and Greece. Ever since King George IV gifted a pair of diamond chandelier earrings to his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1947, its popularity rose. They are the ornate and luxury version of dangling earrings containing mostly precious gemstones - diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Diamond chandelier earings are also common in bridal wear jewelry.

9. Threader earrings
Threader earrings are pull-through earrings that consist of a thin piece of metal that is passed through or threaded through the ear piercing. As the metal hangs equally on both sides of the earlobe, these earrings do not require any fixings to secure them in place. They are minimalist in design.

10. Climbers
Climbers or crawlers are the latest design fad. They start from the base of the ear and follow the curve of your ear upward.

Earring trends in 2021
2020 and even 2021 have seen us all dress up for several family chats or office meetings online. With mostly only your face on the screen, earrings are making a bigger splash than ever. How you wear a kind of earring can make or break the look.
Since 2020, earrings have further evolved into two new styles -
- The singular earring style
- The mismatch earring style

The Singular Earring Style
The one-earring trend that began in 2017 has evolved over the last few seasons. The single earring of 2021 has a design that is bigger, bolder, and brighter. From oversized shirts to oversized earrings, the focus is to create a sense of personality by garnering the right attention. Gone are the days of wearing diamond solitaire earrings or traditional diamond drop earrings. It is time to express yourself with a statement earring. Go for a singular earring that extends way below the shoulder or an ornate hoop of exaggerated proportions.

The Mismatch Earring Style
Though earrings traditionally come in pairs, modern trends have embraced the look of mismatched earrings. It all started when Wing Yau, designer and founder of brand Wwake, decided to make mismatched earrings more noticeable in 2013. Since then, it has grown in popularity. On the one hand, designing mismatched earrings takes intelligence and creativity to keep them mismatched while maintaining a connection that can draw attention. On the other, the wearer has to be a brave heart and shift from the comfort zone to wear different earrings in each ear without it appearing weird and out of place. Mismatched earrings continue to be a hot trend in 2021.

While wearing mismatched earrings, here are a few things to consider to get the perfect look: –

  • Choose earrings from the same family. This means stick to earrings with the same metal and the same gemstones or pearls.
  • Play with earring lengths. If one ear has a stud earring opt for danglers in the other ear. It’s all about balancing asymmetry.
  • Select a common theme. The theme could be anything from animals, florals to stars, or a mix of spiders and cobwebs to the moon and sun. You can hardly go wrong with a common theme in the same metal.
  • Use the same color or contrasting colors that work together. The right color gemstones reflect and add beauty to your face. So, use either complementary or contrasting gemstone colors that highlight your skin tone and facial features.

Singular earrings and mismatch earrings both continue to trend in 2021. The attention has shifted from the conventional earrings to a single well-dressed ear or mismatched pairs. From Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Balmain, and Loewe, fashion models walk the ramps in the craziest asymmetrical earrings or single danglers that make more than a passing statement. Stores like H&M and Topshop are selling big statement earrings. Even fine jewelers like Piaget and Chopard are becoming more fashion-influenced, narrowing the price point between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. For most high-end jewelers, earrings have started to contribute to over 50 percent of the sales today. So why not lend the earring trend an ear?

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