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Jewellery Education Made Simpler with New IIGJ Certified Online Course

31 May 2021

New and Comprehensive GJEPC Certified Online Course

Why should you choose Jewellery Designing as a career option?

The fact that you are reading this shows that you are interested in design, and more specifically, jewellery design, as a career path. There are very good reasons to select jewellery design as your field of study, one of the main reasons being the fact that the gems and jewellery industry provides excellent and high employability.

The world is changing at a fast pace and so is our jewellery design! No longer seen as an investment or a status symbol, jewellery today is an expression of oneself. Today’s consumer knows jewellery jargon… solitaire, hallmark, cut, karat, we know it all, thanks to the information explosion around us. Even though studies on the influence of social media on jewellery buying decisions are contradictory, the fact is that one cannot deny its presence, or its impact, on our lives.

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation of the Govt. of India, the Gems and Jewellery sector contributes about 7% of India’s GDP and about 15% of India’s total merchandise export. It employs over 4.64 million people, a number that is expected to touch the 8.23 million mark by 2022. The gems and jewellery sector is a magnet for creative and dynamic people from all over the world.

Big players, such as Tata’s with their Tanishq brand, Kalyan Jewellers, Reliance Group, TBZ and others, are expanding their jewellery businesses as never before. Famous designers such as Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra are launching their own jewellery lines or others like Masaba, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are collaborating with famous brands to launch their collections. And of course, we already have famous jewellery designers like Farah Khan, Suhani Pitte, Neelam Ahuja, Pallavi Foley and others selling their specially designed jewellery like never before!

This is really the best time to enter the jewellery industry!

Dynamic young creative talent who can think out of the box, have a knack for beauty and can identify the pulse of youth today are in high demand in the jewellery industry. As people’s incomes and aspiration levels rise, both women and men increasingly look at jewellery as a must have accessory to showcase their fashion sensibilities. With women’s roles changing to that of breadwinners, jewellery buying is no longer restricted to festivals and marriages. Today, men and women buy jewellery to celebrate achievements, love, friendship, all without the need for intense planning. The lure of adorning oneself is never ending and so is the need for talent to create new and exciting designs!

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