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Colored gemstone engagement rings trend in 2021

09 Mar 2021

For the last six decades, the DeBeers A Diamond Is Forever campaign have led brides worldwide to believe the promise of an undying bond and commitment is represented by solitaire diamond engagement rings or by any other diamond engagement rings. But just as the rules of engagement have changed, so has bridal shopping. Millennial couples are investing in bridal jewelry that goes beyond the traditional diamond engagement rings. They are engaging Ring Whisperers to design their forever right ring instead of blindly spending a fortune on one carat or above solitaire diamond rings. Bespoke color engagement rings are having a moment. Many celebrities are donning bold and beautiful colored engagement rings over traditional diamond rings. The carat queens are also turning to color, minimalist modern designs, and much more.

Colored engagement ring styles
Gemstone rings though not traditional engagement rings, equally represent a couple's commitment to one another. Color gemstone rings include fancy colored diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other gemstones. It could be a larger precious or semi-precious colored stone with smaller diamonds to accent the larger colored gem or designed in some different style. Colored engagement rings typically belong to one of these styles:-

1. Single colored stone engagement ring
While the traditional solitaire diamond rings will continue to exist, many young couples are beginning to opt for solitaires with a difference. Be it an oval pink diamond engagement ring, a cushion yellow diamond engagement ring, or a princess cut emerald engagement ring, couples are creating unique, elegant, timeless personal designs with color that fit with their sense of style.

2. Halo style
This fashionable engagement ring style incorporates a central white diamond or a colored gemstone surrounded by a halo of mostly smaller diamonds to emphasize the center stone. This design style, earlier preferred by royalty, has now become the new classic.


3. Color-accent engagement ring
Color accent rings are mostly a mix of diamonds with colored birthstones or any other color gems to give the ring design a pop-up. Accent stones add drama and make the ring stand out. For example, small pink diamonds are used to accentuate a beautiful solitaire diamond in the center. The placement of the micro-pave pink diamonds can help accentuate and highlight the beauty of the main stone. Smaller colored gemstones can surround the center stone or be encrusted on the band.

4. Three stone engagement rings
The three-stone design has traditionally symbolized the couple's past, present, and future. It mostly consists of a single larger colored stone in the center flanked by two smaller stones on either side. Often, the colored center gemstone has a diamond on either side.

5. Chanel set rings
In channel set engagement rings, smaller gemstones get embedded inside a metal channel. This style is more for the modern woman with understated elegance.

6. Tension Setting Engagement Ring
Preferred by the millennial couples is the tension setting style. This newer style uses pressure to hold the center stone between two halves of the shank instead of using prong or bezel settings. Though the ring has an appealing and rather unusual visual effect, it is only appropriate for setting hard stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and moissanite.

7. Eternity Rings
Using all colored gemstones or alternating colored stones and diamonds for an engagement eternity ring is far more affordable and appears traditional with a twist. The same colored gems can even be arranged as per their hues from light to dark to give the engagement eternity rings a gradient look.

8. Infinity Rings
Infinity engagement rings are contemporary. The intertwining symbolizes an infinity sign and a union of husband and wife. This design represents infinite love for one another and a never-ending commitment to marriage.

9. Flush Setting Rings
Flush setting rings are perfect for the couple on the go. They are preferred by those who have an active lifestyle and a more classic sense of style. Since the colored stones are set inside the band and do not protrude, flush setting engagement rings are more popular with men.

10. Shaped Band Rings
Shaped bands are a big trend, especially the chevron style in modern engagement rings. Here the shank is formed into a triangular point, with a pear-shaped gemstone connected to the tip to create a teardrop effect. It represents two completely different people who come together to create beauty in unison. It pairs well with a shaped wedding band.

11. Vintage Art Deco Style Engagement Ring
Dramatic Art Deco pieces are for fashionistas who adore everything vintage. The engagement rings from the 1920s and 1930s period are intricately crafted heirloom pieces. They have a combination of engravings and milgrain detailing on them.

12. Pavé ring style
Derived from the French word pavé this engagement ring mostly has diamonds set as close together as possible so, little or no metal is visible. The encrusted diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle without exposing too much metal for the best engagement rings.

Metal in the engagement rings
Besides the above styles, the other two elements to keep in mind while buying engagement rings are - metal type and metal purity.

  • Metal Type

While Westerners prefer white gold, Indians prefer the sparkle of yellow gold. However, many young Indian couples are opting for white gold or even platinum rings today. Platinum engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings are currently trending.

  • Metal purity

Typically engagement rings are set in 18 karat gold. This metal composition is one of the preferred and popular choices for an engagement ring or wedding ring. The 75% gold content adds a richer tone, while the 25% of metals like zinc, nickel, copper, and rhodium make it durable. There are also some engagement rings set in 14K and 10K.

Benefits of a color gemstone engagement ring
1. The unique mix of gemstones lets you express your style and show off your individuality.
2. It can offer you a choice of adding a birthstone or your favorite colored gemstone.
3. A color gemstone engagement ring can carry a friendlier price tag than a full diamond ring.

Preferred color stones in engagement rings
Sapphires are popular gemstones for most color engagement rings. The other color gemstones used in modern engagement rings include: -
Colored Diamonds

Taking care of colored engagement rings
It is your special day and you want to show-off your most unique engagement ring. That’s fantastic but while choosing the perfect engagement ring, you should be aware that each type of gemstone has different characteristics and hardness. While the diamond is the hardest on the Moh’s scale at 10, gemstones like emeralds at 8 are slightly softer and prone to scratches and breakage more easily. Also, be aware that different colored gemstones require a different kind of cleaning at home. Sometimes just wiping the engagement ring with a soft cloth may suffice. At other times you may need a soap solution or even a jewelers expertise. Especially vintage rings or studded rings with softer stones demand extra special care. So, do not forget to consult a trusted jeweler who can guide you on everything about the best engagement rings.
Modern engagement rings are a symbol of new relationship. The likes of Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and Elizabeth Hurley have accepted and owned colored gemstone engagement rings. Colored gemstone rings continue to be in trend in 2021 so find the best colored engagement ring for yourself today. Color it, Own it!


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