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Chain Link Necklaces and Bracelets are back in Jewelry Trends 2021

01 Feb 2021

Chain link necklaces and chunky bracelets in precious metals took origin during the 1970’spunk scene. They were mostly a part of men’s jewelry worn by celebrities like John Travolta and Elvis Presley and continued through the decades to be donned by celebrities like Jay-Z and Eminem. Along with it, the bling of Cuban link necklaces grew in popularity in hip-hop fashion. Since then the different types of chains, with an interlocking pattern have become a fashion statement, that no longer was considered a ‘men’s only fashion’. What began in the Edwardian era of the early 1900s as a sturdy pocket watch attached by a cable chain or flat link chain to fobs and tie bars evolved as an iconic and staple jewelry item. Be it longer, rounder, thicker, bolder, or blingier, there is an influx of chain-link necklaces from street-wear to ramp-wear in silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Now the most established jewelry brands like Tiffany & Co. have chains in their jewelry collections.

Jewelry trends 2021 see chokers almost out and instead more of layering up with chains and charms. Link chains from classic cable, wide-link, or heavier curb are now used to form a bespoke, eclectic layered mix. The intricacy of the luxe chain-link layered look is without a doubt the staple for fashionistas. The winter 2020 season saw fashion houses like Chloé, Chanel, and Saint Laurent bring back the link chain’s high-fashion appeal with their unique jewelry collections.

The simplicity of the chain and the ability to customize it makes it a must-have in today’s jewelry fashion. Whether you’re layering necklaces or wearing a single statement chain or a thin link chain with a customized pendant, the link chain will continue to make a fashion statement.


Different Types of Link Chains

1. Snake chain


The snake chain or Brazilian chain is made of lightly curved plates tightly woven with thin links to form a continuous chain. The surface is smooth, and the chain is very flexible.

2. Rope Chain 


The rope chain or dookie chain is a type of chain that weaves together different rope-like segments forming a twisted rope-like chain.

3. Cable Chain


This chain type has oval links that are uniform in their construction and interlocked together to form a necklace or bracelet chain.

4. Curb Chain


A curb chain consists of flat, twisted, and interlocked links to form a chain. Curb chains can be chunkier and diamond-encrusted and ideal for creating statement necklaces.

5. Cuban Link Chain


Mostly used in men’s jewelry the Cuban link chain was popularized by the hip-hop world. Also called as gourmette chain, it is linked by thick circular or oval-shaped pieces that interlock together. 

6. Figaro Chain


The Figaro chain has an alternating pattern of smaller circular links connected to flatter, more elongated links.

7. Herringbone Chain


The herringbone chain uses small links woven tightly together to create a seamless appearance. The small flexible links give it texture and an easy fall-flat against the skin. 

8. Trace Chain


A trace chain is a delicate chain that features fine and small oval-shaped links less than 2.5mm. It is mainly used in charm necklaces and bracelets.

9. Wheat Chain


The Wheat chain, Palm, or Espiga chain is made up of intertwined V-shaped links that create a woven rope effect. It is sturdy but less flexible.

10. Belcher Chain


The belcher chain or rolo chain or cascade chain is a type of trace chain made with D-shaped links that are fairly broad and of uniform size and shape. They are often used in charm bracelets.

How to wear Chain Link necklaces?

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How you wear a link chain necklace, bracelet, or even earrings depends on the style you’re creating. Link chain jewelry is most versatile and can be used from choker length to a longer length for the layered look or in a single statement piece. You can even pair a fluid chain link bracelet with a structured bangle. Further iced-out link chains covered in diamonds help to accentuate the perfect evening look. Whatever you choose, chain link jewelry is easy to dress up any outfit. Chain link jewelry has been a hit in 2020 and continues to be a favorite in 2021.

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