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Careers in Jewellery Industry of India – Right choice for students

03 Aug 2021

Traditionally the Indian jewellery industry has been a family business with generations relying on - on-the-job training. But over the last three decades, family-run jewellery companies have started to hire experts to introduce fresh perspectives and professionalism into the business. The businesses have expanded nationally and internationally, become performance-driven, and even answerable to stakeholders. From mining to Main Street, professionals began to contribute at every step of the process – Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Selling. This initiated jobs in jewellery sector of India. Today, some of the best educational institutes are offering formal training to enter the trade. So, if you are planning to become a part of the industry that contributes 29% to global jewellery consumption, you are on the right career path.

Career Scope
For anyone entering the gems & jewellery industry, it is necessary to find a niche. Then depending on the chosen speciality, one needs to develop the artistic, technical, and commercial skills. The gems and jewellery industry offers career opportunities across different verticals to become: -
Jewellery designers
Retail store managers
Counter sales and customer service representatives
Metal or wax setters
Bench/Manufacturing jeweller
Polishers and enamellers
Casting machine operators
Diamond assorters and baggers
Diamond planners and makers
Laboratory graders

How to begin a career in the jewellery industry
Though jewellery craftsmanship is still passed on from one generation to another, there is a lot one can learn through professional jewellery courses. The industry-centric courses, help to understand every aspect of jewellery - from jewellery designing to manufacturing and selling. They range from three months to three years. For a career in the jewellery industry, you need to find the best jewellery course which suits your career goal. So, begin by visiting the websites of the Top 10 Gems & Jewellery Institutes of India. Remember to ask if the institute also offers on-campus placement in the top jewellery companies of India.

Top 10 Gems & Jewellery Institutes of India
Here is a list of well-known educational institutes offering the best courses in Gems & Jewellery in India. Whether you prefer to take up a 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Gems & Jewellery Design or a 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Management, do check out for the best professional training to start your career in Gems & Jewellery.
1. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi
2. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
3. Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur
4. Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ), Mumbai
5. ARCH College of Design & Business, Jaipur
6. Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mumbai
7. Pearl Academy, Mumbai
8. Hamstech College of Creative Education, Hyderabad
9. Aastha institute of Gemmology, Pune
10. Compufield (Online only)

Why career opportunities in the Jewellery industry are bright
Statistics of the gems and jewellery trade in India indicate the growing opportunities in the jewellery sector.
- As of January 2021, India’s gold and diamond trade contributed ~7.5% to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 14% to India’s total merchandise exports.
- In FY21, exports of gems & jewellery stood at US$ 25.30 billion. The three largest importers were – America, Hong Kong, and UAE.
- Cumulative FDI inflows in diamond and gold ornaments in India stood at US$ 1,190.47 million between April 2000 and December 2020.
- By 2022, 8.23 million persons will work in the gem and jewellery sector of India.
(Information credits: July 2021 report by India Brand Equity Foundation)

Salaries in Gems & Jewellery Industry of India
Like any other industry, the sky is the limit to earn in the jewellery sector. Though we have provided the average annual salary range, there is potential for top-end earnings depending on the individual’s education, training, and previous experience in the trade. Today, well-established brands/companies are offering employees better salary packages with additional perks. Below annual salary structures show students what to expect as they commence a career in gems and jewellery.

Production Manager, Manufacturing: INR 560k+
Merchandiser: INR 440k+
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer: INR 420k+
Jewellery Designer: INR 400k+
Account Executive: INR 312k+
Accountant: INR 180k+

Opting for a career in jewellery industry of India is the right choice for any student. The recent coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented lockdowns may have seen smaller labour-intensive units facing 20-30% labour migration and export units taking a hit, but this is only an interim condition. India’s gems and jewellery trade will reclaim its lost glory to retain its position in global markets. Even jewellery education institutes have adopted hybrid learning to prepare their students for the New Normal. Yes, there are multiple job opportunities in jewellery industry – it is time to grab one!

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